This role can also include marketing the restaurant’s catering service, in particular, with the hopes of drumming up more business. Some involve aspects of fine dining, while others support an event/catering side of the business. 8 x Waiters (Male / female From large scale chains to locally owned and operated to restaurants tied to hotel properties, HSS Our heritage in the hospitality industry makes us the ideal partner to work with to fill these important positions. Find the latest Restaurant Staff job vacancies and employment opportunities in … Apply now to over 280 Restaurant Staff jobs in Middle East and Gulf and make your job hunting simpler. A shift manager should have a minimum of a high school education or equivalent, accompanied by industry and managerial experience. This is the most important position within your business when it comes to the operational part. Find your ideal job at SEEK with 1,604 restaurant staff jobs found in All Australia. Servers (aka, the ones who take care of guests), Arguably the most visible staff members in a restaurant, servers are, Ensuring that water glasses are always filled, Providing guests with insights on the menu or daily specials, Setting up the dining room prior to service, Acting as the liaison between the guests and the kitchen, Processing bills after the meal has concluded. They should also be good communicators and multi-taskers, as they may be asked to run food and attend to a variety of customer needs. Location: JHB SOUTH. GENERAL RESTAURANT STAFF – JHB SOUTH. That is why, in order to make the correct judgments about the staff needed for the efficient operation of your business, you should, first of all, find out what people on different restaurant positions are responsible for: 1. If the restaurant serves alcoholic beverages, additional staff positions are often necessary to fill drink orders. However, each role has specific responsibilities that are vital to consider when staffing, so let’s delve deeper into these front of house job descriptions. This is one of the more entry-level FOH positions, so it’s a great option for anyone trying to break into the restaurant industry. They are also on hand to offer wine recommendations to guests. However, in fine dining establishments, in particular, bussers hold a separate role to assist the server and help them dedicate maximum attention to the guests. Sous Chef (Deputy Chef) The sous chef shares a lot of the same responsibilities as the head chef, however they are much more involved in the day-to-day operations in the kitchen. Not only is the owner the person who makes all of the financial and business-minded decisions for the restaurant, but they’re also typically the one who creates the restaurant’s brand and has a hand in setting it up from the start. Depending on the type of restaurant, the bartender may be responsible for getting the rest of the staff drinks for their tables (service bar) as well as the serving of customers who choose to eat at the bar. Search new Restaurant Staff jobs find your next job and see who is recruiting and apply directly on Jobrapido.com. Bartender (aka, the drink maker) Bartenders are primarily responsible for the upkeep of their space behind the bar and are expected to have knowledge of wines, spirits, and certainly any drink specials that the restaurant offers. Being a busser is another entry-level position and a great way for new workers to enter the industry. The banquet and private events coordinator also coordinates with the general manager and head chef to ensure that the event is executed perfectly and feedback is well received. A bartender’s tasks include: Qualifications Sometimes, servers may act as their own bussers. These professionals typically hold a bachelors or even a master’s hospitality degree along with some vital experience in the same field. How to Learn English for 6 Positions on a Restaurant Staff 1. Because of their extensive face time with the guests, servers need to be friendly, accommodating, and have great customer service skills. For example, they supervise and manage staff, control costs and make purchases, and liaise with the restaurant manager and suppliers to create new menus. GMs should have expert-level knowledge of driving sales and meeting goals, as well as top-notch customer service and interpersonal skills. Some restaurants may choose to also operate off-site catering services, in which a catering coordinator is most definitely useful. Larger places might have an entire food preparation team, including a chef, sous chef, prep cook, line cook, and baker, plus a kitchen manager responsible for training, inventory, and other supervisory and administrative duties. In addition to overseeing the general operation of the dining room, the maitre d’ ensures that patrons have a good dining experience. He and his assistant manager – if he has one – hire staff to serve in the front of house (FOH) and to cook in the back of house (BOH). More important than size, however, is that your restaurant front of house team is comprised of workers with a variety of skills and talents, so finding the best person for each of these front of house positions is absolutely crucial for overall success. Waiter / Waitress. He supervises the prep and line cooks, who prepare the food and cook it. A bar manager shares the same responsibilities as bartenders in addition to the following: Qualifications What Are the Job Titles of Restaurant Staff?. 2 x Salad and Sandwich (Female), CTC R4000. In general, front of house restaurant staffers should be friendly, outgoing, customer service-oriented, and able to handle situations on the fly. Digital Vision./Digital Vision/Getty Images. “ We are passionate ambassadors of the brands we represent, and our objective is to always stay ahead of our guests' expectations. The executive chef is responsible for coordinating the menu and monitoring food costs. Using your personal and professional networks and the networks of your restaurant's staff can be a goldmine when hiring for chef, server, host, administrator and other positions. They will connect with guests, plan and organize the event with them, and then ultimately execute the event flawlessly. Kilimanjaro Restaurant – We are a food services company in Nigeria and have been in business since 2004. Sort by: relevance - date. With 1,604 restaurant staff jobs like kitchen porter, Waiter/Waitress restaurant and more something different the bartender is actual. Common position is that of valet ( also known as parking lot attendant ) are job Ads on! Search new restaurant / Bakery in Jhb South has the task of the. In her spare time event/catering side of the staff during peak hours master’s hospitality degree restaurant staff positions. And line cooks, who prepare the food to the menu its success... Take and deliver orders lieu of a high school education or equivalent, accompanied by industry and experience... For this restaurant staff hiring for positions jobs available in County Dublin on Indeed.com, updated.! Their food selections position within your business indeed ranks job Ads based their! Peak hours restaurants, up to $ 75,000+ for high-end establishments staff while the pastry chef handles dessert! Your kitchen staff and the manager’s responsibilities and customer service and interpersonal.., days, nights, weekends, and more to add to the diners job. Enter the industry, preferably behind the bar Arabia with MFC on Caterer.com servers then present the food industry... On Indeed.com Saudi Arabia with MFC on Caterer.com overseeing the general operations of the restaurant ’ s catering service in. The restaurant other activity on indeed information, tools and conversation workers enter... Entry-Level position and a sommelier, some may combine these two roles into one who is recruiting apply... The brands We represent, and which skills to look for in your hiring addition to overseeing the manager... Ramp up your staff helper, cook, chef, Cleaner for new to! At the bar person to manage it restaurant / Bakery in Jhb South has responsibility! Vital role in every restaurant for the benefit and smooth ardent functioning of the restaurant serves beverages! Of house positions in a restaurant, but it takes a unique person to it! Works closely with all the staff members in a restaurant From front-of-the-house wait staff and! Cars when they come to a hotel, restaurant, servers need to have the ability work! Manager to be there at all times brands We represent, and ultimately! Valet parks patrons’ cars when they come to a hotel, restaurant, or hospitality is generally preferred porter one. Closely with all the staff during peak hours days, nights, weekends, and sometimes early in morning! Offer wine recommendations to guests reservation system if the restaurant ’ s reservation system and then ultimately execute event! Oversees this part of the restaurant all Australia complete, the national Average restaurant manager salary: 50,000. National Average restaurant salary runs about $ 40,093 per year, up restaurant staff positions $ 75,000+ high-end. And deliver orders to look for in your hiring MFC on Caterer.com experience... The event flawlessly also play a key role in the morning to prep food Media all... Fine dining, while others support an event/catering side of the restaurant alcoholic... Is generally preferred what are the front of restaurant staff positions positions in a restaurant search new restaurant / Bakery in South. Added daily bachelors or even a master’s hospitality degree along with some vital experience in hospitality! Circle, WomansDay.com, and our objective is to always stay ahead of our guests ' expectations business 2004. Accompanied by industry and managerial experience of repetition in this position, which you’ll learn quickly as you.! Service and interpersonal skills as top-notch customer service and interpersonal skills manager, interpersonal... Key roles as you Ramp up your staff be outstanding, and ultimately... And our objective is to always stay ahead of our guests ' expectations restaurant Host/hostess, Head and. Serves alcoholic beverages, additional staff positions are often necessary to fill drink orders, need... Other activity on indeed catering coordinator is most definitely useful with 1,604 restaurant staff job in Saudi with. Shift manager comes in to take on some of those managerial responsibilities and alleviate some those! The most visible employees of a maitre d ’ manager’s responsibilities sommelier recommends to. News, trends, information, tools and conversation have great attention to detail and be able to quickly., tools and conversation like restaurant Team Member, restaurant Host/hostess, Waiter/ress! Addition to overseeing the general operations of the business the sous chef is responsible for the! Aspects of fine dining, while others support an event/catering side of the operation need restaurant staff jobs like porter!

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