For example, a bookkeeper who has only worked with large manufacturers may have ample experience tracking accounts receivable and purchase orders, but not much exposure to payroll or generating financial reports.

When I created my profile, I picked Data Analytics as the main skill.

When a client searches for freelancers, Upwork uses an algorithm based on a specific set of …

If you are using a free email address like a or, it shows you aren’t very serious about freelancing. You should self-assess your skill level, however, we do ask that you be truthful when assessing your language abilities.

Like Database Developer for example If you have more relevant skills or experience to add, you can update and re-submit your profile. 1. When Upwork rejects a profile, it’s not happening randomly or arbitrarily. As a freelancer, your email address is the first point of contact. 3 real examples of Upwork profiles that get interviews and job offers, plus step-by-step breakdown of why these are the best Upwork profiles. Since bookkeepers can have a wide variety of skills and specializations, it’s important to know the types of experience your ideal professional should have. So let me share what you could and should do differently, so your profile is accepted and approved.

Upwork is operated in English and you are required to share your proficiency in the language as part of your profile.

Setting inappropriate expectations may make it difficult to satisfy your clients and could adversely impact your reputation on Upwork. How to Get Upwork Profile Approved. Adding skills to your oDesk profile lets you showcase your talents and helps employers find you when they search for someone with your particular skill or set of skills. Click to start learning how to create your own winning Upwork profile. i am new in upwork .my profile 100%complete but this message show on my profile(We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise. If you are proficient in more then 10 skills then make sure to showcase the ones that are payable on the higher side. Then you were given the option to select sub skills. Use Professional Email Address. How do I change the main skills fro Data Analytics to something else?