Justify Your Property by Targeted Marketing and MLS – Assess Your Rental Property – Qualify and Check Potential Tenants – Help Get and Analyze Credit Reports – Adviser on the Connecticut Landlord and Tenant Act – Negotiate Lease Terms – Help: Guarantee a Lease Agreement We only offer a property for rent or rent after Hodnett Cooper Real Estate, Inc. has received a written notice of the Tenants with a good reputation have the first opportunity to renew their expiring leases. As the list of available properties is updated when a termination is velvety, a property that was not available in the morning may be available later the same day. If you are interested in a particular property that is not on the list, please contact your rental agent Hodnett Cooper. We will strive to respect your agreements with residents and ensure that residents respect the agreement with you. This means less worry and more security for you, the investor. All property leased by Hodnett Cooper Real Estate, Inc. is non-smoking. Anyone 18 years of age or older who will occupy the accommodation will have to complete an application and file it with a non-refundable registration fee of $40. Any omission or falsification may lead to the refusal or termination of your lease. Please note that an incomplete lease application can only be approved when all the information is available and the non-refundable deposit fee is paid.

The information you have provided about your application will be processed and verified to determine if you meet the above-mentioned rental criteria. If you meet the rental criteria, your application will be approved and you will be notified. Once you have received an authorization notification, your holding deposit is immediately due. If we do not receive your holding deposit, we assume that you do not wish to rent the property for which you applied and we reintroduce the property into our availability pool. Your holding deposit is added to your first month`s rent when you sign your lease. We rent real estate available to applicants in the order in which we receive and process completed applications. We do not have a waiting list in our communities. Your application will not be maintained for future job offers. H. Suppliers are included in the rental price, unless indicated elsewhere in this contract.

If the owner makes a phone available to the customer to make only local calls, the customer agrees that all long-distance calls are collected or debited from a credit card or callcard. TIME AND DIRECTORY CALLS ARE NOT FREE. If the duration of the lease is thirty (30) days or more, the customer is responsible for the costs of all distribution companies, including, but not only, electricity, telephone, water/channel, cable, gas and oil, provided otherwise in a schedule A attached to the agreement. We take our success in leasing to our knowledge of the seasonal nature of the rental market in this area. This knowledge helps us to put real estate on the market at the best time to reduce rent losses due to the vacancy. As a result, we have achieved an annual utilization rate of 98.5% over most of our portfolio. Mr. The client acknowledges that travel cancellation insurance is only valid if the rent is fully paid, as stated in the attached brochure. Customer recognizes that CSA insurance provides policies for travel insurance and the customer will not hold Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gallo Realty, REALTORS responsible for payments and/or claims on this insurance policy. If the hosting contract is not fully paid, as a guest Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gallo Realty, REALTORS must the difference between the amount paid by CSA insurance and the balance owed on the hosting contract.

2. CANCELLATION POLICY In the event that the customer requests the termination of this agreement for any reason, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Gallo Realty will make reasonable efforts to lease the property.