First of all, I think your products are pretty amazing, videos I`ve seen. I have to tell you that I think it is a bad deal for the consumer. Most of the software products I buy can be used on Mac and Windows, and a license covers use on both. It is unfair to require the user to buy one since it is the same product, and the need to use it on everyone is as common as the need to have both operating systems. In general, I use my Mac for professional web design and my Windows for amateur crafting, and I hate the requirement to acquire separate licenses. That said, I would pay a global license to use all your products if this restriction has been removed. Flexible discounts and licensing options are available for schools and districts when a licensing agreement is obtained for the teaching volume. To qualify, you must buy at least 10 application licenses at the same time. Members can choose to purchase one, two or all three applications. Further discounts are available when all 3 apps are purchased together.

The trademark holder does not grant exclusive licenses for the use of its trademarks. The appeal was brought before the same court that had previously ruled in favour of Greek trademark rights. In that earlier case, the Tribunal found that the defendant violated state and federal trademark laws by continuing to sell branded products outside of licensing agreements with various Greek organizations (Sigma Chi Fraternity, et al. v. Sethscot Collection, et al. Case 98-2102 CIV-SEITZ). The court issued a restraining order against the defendant and asked them to pay undisclosed damages to the complainants. Hello question, at home we have two accounts, my wife has a designer affinity and I have photo affinity, both app to amazing.

Now, question, can we use both (all PCs/laptops with windows) both apps on our laptops? Should/can accounts be merged? We don`t use them commercially (unless you take into account some changes to some images for ppt, as in white background erase). I think the answer is yes, but I just want to be safe. One-year contract automatically renewed each year, unless it is terminated by one of the parties. A license involves signing a contract (contract) with the holder (s) in which the licensee (seller) agrees to comply with various provisions. Below is a summary of the main provisions of the licensing agreement for each of our clients: Pure Country`s debt was compounded by the fact that they were previously licensed from the Greek complainants. These agreements confirmed Pure Country`s prior knowledge of the trademark rights of Greek organizations. Therefore, the continued use of the trademarks by Pure Country after the termination of the agreements constituted a breach of contract which led the Court to order Pure Country to provide grants to Greek organizations for subsequent damages. All licenses in the education volume licenses are compatible with macOS and Windows. We offer our customers membership, family and friends with a variety of quality products and services at reasonable prices.

We work closely with the licensed suppliers to select the appropriate product designs that use the official colors and logos of each participating organization and to provide exceptional service to their customers. Organizations representing Affinity strongly oppose any product, service or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism or any other image that conflicts with the values and missions of our customers. 2. An annual renewable licensing agreement – which is based on an annual fee and the school/district will enter into an ongoing 12-month agreement for the use of the application. Updates are included, as well as all major upgrades (version 2.0, 3.0, etc.) that will be released during the contract period. The school/district will not have the licenses. If the contract is terminated, all licences must be issued by to